Working together to strengthen the Mondawmin community

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture collaborations across Baltimore by developing personal connections to ensure everyone is lifted up.
We strive to empower our communities and neighbors.

Determined to change the narrative


In 2015, Baltimore City experienced unrest significant enough to prompt the activation of the National Guard and curfews for City residents. Many local business leaders urgently discussed the underlying causes of the unrest: social and economic inequality; frustration and lack of hope; and the suffocating isolation of underserved communities. Two of those business leaders were friends Tim Regan, president and CEO of Whiting-Turner, and Calvin Butler, then CEO of Baltimore Gas and Electric.
Both with demanding day jobs, Calvin and Tim met on Saturday mornings to hatch a novel plan. They decided to open a community collaboration center in the Mondawmin community of West Baltimore – the epicenter of the 2015 unrest. Mondawmin, home to eight neighborhoods with a proud history of black homeownership and entrepreneurship, had struggled in recent decades with pockets of vacant housing, crime and general disinvestment.
They named the center TouchPoint, as a place where people and ideas come together. Hoping to create a business-driven model to help break the isolation of these underserved communities, TouchPoint partnered with three highly-performing non-profits: Thread, Baltimore Corps and Center For Urban Families. In addition to the great work of the non-profit partners, BGE and Whiting-Turner have worked closely with the Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council and the neighborhood leaders to drive positive change throughout the community.

While we have come a long way since those early days, the ultimate hope is that TouchPoint will be replicated in other Baltimore communities by other committed corporate partners.

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Community Partners

Thread engages underperforming high school students confronting significant barriers outside of the classroom by providing each one with a family of committed volunteers and increased access to community resources. They foster students’ academic advancement and personal growth into self-motivated, resilient and responsible citizens.

Center for Urban Families’ core mission is to strengthen urban communities by helping fathers and families achieve stability and economic success. Since 1999, CFUF has served over 26,000 vulnerable Baltimoreans providing the bridge that many have needed to attain sustainability, while emerging as a leader in the national conversation on responsible fatherhood and black male achievement. Today they’ve grown to serve more than 1,500 men and women a year, securing over 6,400 full time jobs for them upon completion of the workforce development initiative.

Baltimore Corps’ program exists to promote the success of individuals and communities in Baltimore. Their focus extends to organizations, future leaders, youth and families, but everything begins and ends with creating opportunity for people.

Greater Mondawmin Coordinating Council empowers communities through their services and dedication to improve literacy, housing, educational, recreational, workforce and cultural opportunities. Their vision aims to achieve a healthy, safe and clean community of empowered businesses, faith-based organizations, homeowners and schools for the local Mondawmin area.

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